Some women just have that X factor, that certain thing that makes them stand out from the crowd, that you just can't quite put your finger on but nonetheless you know it's there... Well, I can certainly attest to the fact that Alicia has the X factor in abundance as every time I meet up with her I find myself being attracted to her and I'm straight! It might be the voice... very classy and definitely the boarding school type. It might be those never ending legs of hers. It could be the flawless skin and long flowing blonde hair of hers... or it could be the combination of it all. I honestly can't quite decide what part of her makes her that little bit more special than most other girls I meet but I certainly cannot deny that she is! So, if you are looking for that "someone special" for a night out that you will never forget or for a couple of hours in private that lets you forget about the "rest of the world" for a little while then I can assure you 100% that Alicia is your girl!

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Hasselt, Belgium
Dutch, English, French, German
75C naturel